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all about me !!

hey there! the name is freesha figglehorn (that isnt my real name, silly! ;D), and i'm just an internet nerd that spends a LOT of their time online. from watching youtube, to drawing, to browsing forums, im doing a lot of different things online when im not drowning in schoolwork. ;;

im a 16yo that mainly participates in the mcyt fandom, but i have amany of different interests that spark on and off as their interests come to me :D. i love to draw, which ill eventually set up some type of art archive on this website of mine (who knows!). i like to spend my time watching youtube essay videos, watching twitch streamers (my favorite is ph1lza!) or vibing to music. i also love to play open-based games (minecraft, sims 3, ect) and music based games (friday night funkin, vib-ribbon, ect).

as i also said on the left, i love to lurk in multiple imageboards, textboards and forum sites, along with gossip sites. mostly just lurking on 4chan art boards and the flash board. i've always had a fascination for old-like internet aesthetics. most of it probably has to do with all the lps (littlest pet shop) stuff i watched back in 2008 and all the online websites and webpages i would visit in the earlier days. xD

before you go!! the general layout of this page was inspired by adeleine's webspace!! if they ever desire that i change it up, i will.

heres some interesting websites, links & forums that ive found during my internet scours! either it just be to a strange post, or to an entirely bizarre website i decided to pile em here :> beware!!! some may have explicit contents, they'll be marked so dw :D

pokemon my beloved

where you can find me! :3

yeah i guess thats the whole page! x3 i hope u rlly enjoyed it :)
here are some even more buttons i collected, i just love them so much! :D